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UCSD 201a/b: Quantitative methods

This is the website for FA2016 / WI2017 Psych 201 course.
This course is presumed to be taken as part of a series with 201a in the fall, and 201b in the winter quarter.
201a covers probability, classical statistical methods, and their implementation in R.
201b goes over more advanced modern methods, and assumes an understanding of 201a material.

Class meetings

Some class meetings are “lectures” others are “labs”. Which is which will vary week to week.

   1350 McGill Hall

   Tuesdays 2-4pm
   Wednesdays 5-7pm
   Thursdays 2-4pm


Ed Vul (
Office hours: 4-5pm Tuesday, and by appointment - 5137 McGill

Jarrett Lovelett (
Office hours: 12-2pm Tuesday - 2554 Mandler


  • Class mailing list: Sign up here
    Occasional announcements posted here.

  • Anonymous feedback form: here
    Please tell us how we are doing (lectures, labs, assignments, etc.) What are we doing well? What can we do better? What are we are spending too much or too little time on? What are you having trouble with? Etc.

  • Homework assignments: login
    Login is your ucsd username, password is full student ID, including letter.

  • Readings: Generally we will draw on a number of sources, and our own notes, as needed for whatever we are covering.
  • Software: We are using R and the Rstudio IDE.


Your grade is determined in equal parts by

  • Homework (25%)
    These are entirely in R, on our online system. It makes sense to seek help from other students when you get stuck, but make sure you do everything yourself, so that you will be able to do it on your own in exams, and more importantly, real life.

  • Exams (Midterm (25%), and Final (25%))
    Working together on exams is prohibited.

  • Group project (25%)